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Terms And Conditions

1. Our quotation excludes other trades such as Electricians, Plumbers etc.
2. Our quotation excludes removal of existing cabinetry, splashbacks and appliances.
3. Should Mr Cabinets be required to rectify any works by other trades the client will incur costs for time lost. 4. Mr Cabinets reserves the right to change the time and date of delivery and completion of project due to unforeseen circumstances.
5. Should the Client require any changes to the design, the Client must notify Mr Cabinets prior to the commencement. If the Client requested changes be made to the design after manufacturing has commenced, the Client will incur costs related to the changes.
6. Designs will remain the property of Mr Cabinets and cannot be sold or copied unless a fee, determined by Mr Cabinets, is paid.
7. If the Client, for any reason, cancels the project after accepting this quotation the deposit will not be refundable. If the Client cancels the project during progress of manufacture, Mr Cabinets has the right to charge the Client for materials, labour and services incurred, up to the point of cancellation.
8. If for any reason payments cannot be made, the Client must notify Mr Cabinets as soon as possible, in writing, so that all parties can make alternative arrangements for payment. All cabinets, materials and hardware installed, or not installed, that Mr Cabinets has supplied to the Client, remains the property of Mr Cabinets until the contract price is paid in full.
9. If the Client fails to fully pay the contract price, Mr Cabinets reserves the right to remove the goods which have been supplied to the Client and Mr Cabinets will not be responsible for damages caused to property in the process of removing goods which have been delivered or installed. If the order is made in the name of a Company, the Director(s) of that Company is/are responsible for any changes made.
10. If the project is ready for installation Mr Cabinets will request the pre-installation progress payment regardless of site readiness or site delays.
11. If Mr Cabinets is required to store cabinetry for a period any longer than 2 weeks a storage fee of $550.00 +GST per week will be charged to the client.
12. While care is taken to avoid damage to ceilings and walls during installation, this does happen from time to time. In these cases, any remedial work will be the responsibility of the owner as part of the projects final touch ups.
13. If the property where the joinery is being install has finished floors the client is responsible for putting down floor protection, "RAM BOARD", to avoid any damage. Floor Damage will not be the responsibility of Mr Cabinets

14. Protective plastic, if applied to the material by the board manufacturer, will be left on the installed cabinetry and will be the client’s responsibility to remove once the project has been completed.
15. LED lighting colour will be Natural White unless specified otherwise by the client during the design process. Mr Cabinets will not conceal transformers.
16. Mr Cabinets does not do any caulking. This is a separate trade that will need to be organised by the client.

17. All projects are priced with delivery and installation by Mr Cabinets unless specified otherwise.
18. Multiple room quotations are priced as one complete job that is manufactured at one time and delivered together. If the Client needs to separate manufacturing and/or deliveries this will incur a fee that will be determined by Mr Cabinets.
19. The Client will inspect the installation and notify Mr Cabinets of any defects to be corrected within 7 days of the installation. Defects identified after 7 days of installation will be the responsibility of the Client.

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